What is the N^2 Revolution?

AKA the

"No-Name Revolution"

"a mysterious world-wide, low-grade revolution in the industrialized world.

The N² Revolution is the name Eric has given the crisis we are currently facing.

"The breakdown in Semi-Reliable Communal Sense-Making"

The precursor to the No-Name Revolution is:

Traditionally, we've used institutions to guide our "sense-making" and to understand things collectively. 

However, this has gone away.

Mass Media didn't always tell the truth.

"However, it was a  close enough approximation that there was a national consciousness...

"...a belief structure, and enough of a shared complex for us to function as a country."

"The sooner one comes to grips with this moment in time...

"... as a previously unknown kind of smartphone-mediated world revolution...

"...the easier it becomes to stop trying to restore order...

"...the stasis in which all but our oldest have lived our entire lives, is simply over...

"...This is truly new." -- Eric Weinstein